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Moonbase Commander

Moonbase Commander Moonbase Commander
Infogrames Entertainment

Platform: Windows 95 / 98 / Me
Media: CD-ROM
ESRB Rating: Everyone
ASIN: B0000645ZI

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- Command your own lunar territory and build the most powerful empire on the moon
- Features multiple opposing factions, bright graphics, and various types of terrain
- 3 play modes: single play skirmish, challenge mode or multiplayer mode
- Solo or team play
- Easy to use terrain editor

MoonBase Commander puts players in charge of their own lunar territory in a quest to build the most powerful empire on the moon. The key to winning is to find, exploit, and use valuable energy pools to eliminate rival factions who are also on the same quest. Along the way, players must choose the best way to accomplish their goals by using weapons, surveillance, or shields to fortify their defenses.

MoonBase Commander features multiple and unique opposing factions, bright graphics, a light story line, and various types of terrain that can be easily customized with the terrain editor. Bottom line: MoonBase Commander is an addictive, turn-based strategy game with a simpler feel that provides an exciting entrance into a proven genre.

System requirements:
Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP
Pentium 266 MHz processor
4X CD-ROM drive
DirectX 8.0

Customer Reviews:
Prepare to lose sleep, casual gamers!, August 20, 2002
Reviewer: jaythehun from Monroe, WA United States

Ok, so with my busy lifestyle, I have very little time to play games. So, when those precious moments come available, I don't like to waste my time on cheesy games. Most of the time I want a game that is just plain FUN, nothing else. This game is one of the few that have won that precious time slot in my life. It will appeal to fans of RTS (Real Time Strategy), TBS (Turn Based Strategy), as well as those that generally don't play games because of how quickly this one can be learned.

Wow, you don't know what your missing........, August 5, 2002
Reviewer: sirbeefer from Boise ID, United States

The game starts out and you have control of a hub that is placed on the surface of a moon. This hub has the ability to make clones of itself. As well as produce many offensive and defensive units. Ok not sounding too revolutionary is it? The cool thing about moonbase is the way you create and distribute these other units. Each unit you create will have a cord attached to it. These cords will attach themselves to almost everything you create. So from one "home" central hub you will be able to clone many more hubs. That is, as long as you have the energy to do so. When you make a clone or another unit, you select a direction you want to go; charge up a bar by holding down the mouse button. Releasing it will launch it at the rate indicated on the power bar. It's simple in concept but it takes a while to master it. You see you can only land hubs or units on flat surfaces. If you hit the side of a cliff it blows up, and the cord attached to that unit blows up too. And you can never cross any cords. So space management becomes a serious gameplay factor when you have a limited amount of space to move around in. So once the game gets going you have a network of units and cords scattered across the landscape. So what's the point then? Well your out to claim this planet for you faction. In all their are 4 factions wanting to claim the planet.

From a hub you may build single shell bombs, cluster bombs, anti-air units, bridges, towers, attack units, observation balloons, shields, guided missiles, and so on. So you can launch bombs for attack and for instance, if you wish to build an anti-air unit to help defend your hub, you first select the unit from the hub menu, choose a direction in which to launch, and finally press the launch button. The newly placed anti-air unit will protect anything that comes within it's launching radius. It is key to figure out what that radius is, and to exploit it.

Weapons such as bombs and missiles are not connected to a hub via a cord, but are still launched just like any other unit. Friendly fire is a major concern as some weapons carry an area of effect with them, and a careless commander can easily blast his or her own units to bits.

Another major consideration to the game-play is the attention of the cords between units when attacking. When you face off against another faction you can take them out by hiting a hub or cord. There is a great strategy in deciding what unit to attack. You see attacking a unit that has many cords coming off of it will have a major effect. If you destroy a hub that is the source for a network of other units, everything built off of that home hub will be distroyed. Chain reactions can have a serious effect on the outcome of the game. This game is just plain FUN! Buy now!

Moonbase Commander owns me! Buy NOW! you won't be sorry., June 28, 2002
Reviewer: K. Miller from Lake Stevens, WA United States

Being the lucky gamer that I am. I was able to play Moonbase Commander at Humongous Entertainment in Bothell Wa. where Moonbase Commander was created. I also had the great pleasure of watching Moonbase develop over the last year. It is one of my favorite games. Moonbase will have you hooked after 3 minutes of play-time guaranteed. Launching hubs and setting up your defense is so fun! It is so gratifying to blow stuff up and to see all the chain reactions you can set off by playing smart. I love the Crawler! It's this little bomb you can launch out and it crawls over the surface of the planet. Then as soon as it runs into something; LOOK OUT because the explosion radius on the thing is HUGE! It's a great feeling using all the weapons and defensive structures included in this game. It fits any manner of strategy you want to use. The concept of the game is revolutionary and one that will be copied because of it's simple genuis. Before I tried moonbase, I kinda wrote it off because of my dislike for RTS games. But that is not what Moonbase is all about at all. After I got a handle on the concept, and the gameplay of Moonbase, I was immediately hooked. It's the type of game you can't really describe to someone and do it a lot of justice. It is something that must be played to be appreciated. I'm addicted to this game. I showed it to my father-in law, now he's been bugging me for weeks to get him a copy. Moonbase's gameplay is such a cool concept, and it has been executed flawlessly. The graphics are very good and fit the game well. All the menu's are easy to navigate and you won't be confused with a lot of options. Moonbase is very simple in it's presentation and concept; yet once you look into it, it is a very deep and satisfying gaming experience. AND THIS IS NOT A GAME JUST FOR KIDS! Sure kids can play it, and it is even marketed with 9 and up on the box, but I'd say it is more for anyone who enjoys playing games. I don't mean just video games either, moonbase is really a game for anybody. Moonbase should be in everyone's game collection. If you love games you must own this game. Can't wait to see you on Gamespy. Thanks to all the hard working people who made this game possible because it is truly sweet gaming candy.

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