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EverQuest: The Ruins of Kunark

EverQuest: The Ruins of Kunark EverQuest: The Ruins of Kunark
Verant Interactive

Platform: Windows 98 / Me / 2000 / XP
ESRB Rating: Teen
ASIN: B00004NS01

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- An entire EverQuest game, with the added continent of Kunark, located south of Faydwer
- Scores of zones to accommodate newbies as well as advanced dragon slayers
- A huge array of visually stunning NPCs
- A highly detailed 3-D world
- Internet connection and $10 monthly credit-card fee required for online play

EverQuest: The Ruins of Kunark is an add-on to the most successful online role-playing game ever released--EverQuest. The Expansion Pack, which includes the full version of EverQuest in addition to The Ruins of Kunark will provide the more than 225,000 current EverQuest gamers with an all-new continent, more than 20 new adventure zones, numerous characters, an additional playable race, and an enhanced 3-D engine. EverQuest: The Ruins of Kunark takes players on a mystical quest to the continent of Kunark, home of the Iksar race. On the continent, players face all-new challenges and rewards in their quest for dominance and survival.

System requirements:
166 MHz Pentium (200 MHz Pentium recommended; older-model Cyrix processors will not work with EverQuest)
Microsoft Windows 95 or 98
32 MB RAM (64 MB or more recommended)
8x CD-ROM drive
Direct3D or Glide compatible video card with 4 MB RAM (3dfx-based video card recommended)
Sound Blaster compatible sound card
28.8 Kbps Internet connection
Microsoft compatible mouse

Customer Reviews:
The BEST game i've ever owned, December 7, 2001
Reviewer: A gamer from NJ, United States

When my brother first showed me and thought me how to pay the game i was amazed in it. Then as soon as i got it i loaded it and got right on. Didn't even take long :) Now when i log on i am on it for AT LEAST 16 hours a day. Even though there is a monthly fee (...) ITS WORTH IT :) If i were you i would buy it in a heart beat!! :)

Everquest, The proS and coN, December 3, 2001
Reviewer: Shaun from California United States

Everquest is by far the most fun, most original RPG of its time. It was before ashrens call, before diablo 2, beforew all the WANNA B everquest. This game hold ober 400,000 active people willing to pay the 10 dollars a monht because it is so much fun. I personally have been playing for about 2 years, and of the people i know in real life and through everquest, most people who bought the game more than 2-3 years ago, still play it. It is an everchanging world that will keep you on your toes, this is truly a game to buy. The one, and there is only one, con is that it is some what addictive. It is such a good game that it may consume you. It has me and people i know, but as far as im concerned that is fine by me.

Must-Have Add-On to Original EverQuest, September 5, 2001
Reviewer: A gamer from New England, USA

The Kunark expansion nearly doubled EQ's world and extended the longevity of the game immeasurably. Make sure you get this if you are going to play EQ.

A Fan Of EQ, July 18, 2001
Reviewer: Holly from Keystone Heights, Florida United States

I orginally started to play this game at a friends house. I became very addicted to the game and I have it in the mail coming to me very soon. It's great for anyone who likes to play AD&D. It gives you a nice graphic view of many of the characters that would look like from AD&D characters. You can either play solo or group up to level up. But grouping is the easiest way to Level up quickly. There are tons of monsters and lots of different types of characters to play and the style you want to be in. There is magic, warriors, monks, wizards ect in all different speicies. This game is great to kill any time, but the time does fly by on this game, so make sure if you have a date to some where, you keep track of time. What i like about the game is, the first month is free, almost like a trial, after that its up to you if you want to continue to play it. There are tons of servers to play on, so if you don't like one of the servers, try another until you find one that you appriciate.

The best game for friends and just fun, July 15, 2001
Reviewer: A 12-year old gamer from Austin, TX

I actually don't own Everquest but I will hopefully get it soon. My best friend owns everquest and we play it a lot, not enough to the point where we go insane and see everthing as a link to everquest. Personally I think that anyone who has ever wanted to play through a huge world of magic set in the future should play this game, and I have no clue what they mean by [price] a month is a con, I make a lot of money from my various jobs. It would be a breeze to pay. And I could still upgrade my skateboard. My parents still don't like the idea of paying and they keep making up excuses because I played D&D for 10 hours straight and had some kind of hangover and my speech was slurred. If your parents won't let you get the game, you should make a deal like you will become they 're slave for a while if they buy the game and you pay for the monthly thing. also if your friends play you can hook up and have fun, I have a heck of a lot of friends who play and some are in highschool or college. I am sorry that my review doesn't flow or anything but I am in a hurry.

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